DIY Eyebrow Tint


Ya’ll have been waiting all week and I’m finally sharing my at home eyebrow tinting routine. My mom actually told me about this trick last year and its probably been my favorite DIY beauty hack yet. I think she read about it in a magazine, but regardless, it’s pretty easy, fool proof and inexpensive. I just tinted my brows about a week ago so they’re still in pretty good shape, but next time I’m really due, I’ll share a before and after picture on instagram!

The secret to tinting is to use a Just For Men Mustache and Beard coloring kit. You can find it at any drug or grocery store. The kits come in several different colors so choose which one closely matches the root color of your hair. I use Light Brown. Before I begin I make sure my face is clean and I don’t have any makeup on my eyes.

To start, squeeze equal parts Color Base and Color Developer {about the size of a dime- it goes a long way} and mix together. Next, to prevent unwanted staining around your brows, outline them with Vaseline {I use a Q-Tip}. Once both brows are outlined use the brush tool that comes with the kit or an old brow brush to apply the color to your brows. I apply the color in both directions of my hair growth to make sure I’m getting an even tint. Let the color stand for five minutes on your brows then remove with a damp cotton ball. The longer you let the color stand on your brows, the darker they will be. If you’re nervous about leaving it on too long {like I was the first time} you can wipe them off after 2-3 minutes. If your brows aren’t as dark as you’d like, apply the color again and leave on for another few minutes. That’s it! 

It’s such an easy process, doesn’t take forever and lasts about 2-3 weeks depending on how often you’re washing your face. If for some reason the tint gets outside your brow line you can use lemon juice to remove the unwanted color. 




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