The JetKids BedBox


BedBox in Blue c/o JetKids

If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram you saw that we traveled all over Italy, flew back to Atlanta then headed to Naples and Sarasota, Florida, for some extended family time. So after almost a month of traveling, we are finally home!

We’ve unpacked, finished laundry and I feel like I can now share with you how we survived international travel with a 22 month old. Knowing our flight times were reaching into the double digits, I reached out to JetKids about purchasing their BedBox product. I had seen the BedBox in a magazine a while back and after a quick instagram search I decided this was something we HAD to have! For those that aren’t familiar, BedBox is a ride on suitcase for kids that turns their normal airplane seat into a comfortable bed where they can relax or sleep and, as you can tell from Henry’s pictures, it worked great! Inside the suitcase you’ll find a foam mattress and side cushions plus extra room to pack a few of your kid’s favorite things. We were able to fit two blankets, two stuffed animals, pajamas and a change of clothes into the suitcase. The top of the suitcase pops off and turns over and extends to create the base for the BedBox and was super easy to set up even mid flight. After getting the BedBox in place, Henry instantly seemed happier to have a little more room for activities and I was happy that it discouraged him from wanting to climb all around the floor. Once we were settled in and overcame the general struggle of having a toddler on a plane (that should be a scary movie right?! Toddlers On A Plane… yikes!) Henry slept 7 hours out of the 8.5 hour flight. To say we were impressed was an understatement. Not only did the BedBox make it easy for Henry to fall asleep, it also made the rest of the flight enjoyable for us (and every other passenger on our flight!) On the return, Henry only slept 2.5 out of the 10 hour plane ride home but I’m not blaming JetKids. He still loved having his space to spread out and as far as 22 month olds go, he was very well behaved for the remainder of the flight. #proudparent

In addition to using the BedBox on the plane, we also used it on our 4 hour train ride from Venice to Rome. Henry didn’t sleep, but he enjoyed having his own place to settle into and watch movies. He also loved pushing it through the train stations and airports and provided him with some entertainment as we waited to board. Having said that, we felt there were a few design flaws that could have made it easier on parents when their kids weren’t riding or pushing the BedBox around. The carrying strap that is included never stayed secure when we adjusted it. We ended up having to knot the strap at two ends to make sure it would stay in place as we carried it through the airport. The other improvement we would suggest is to make the mattress cover with a zipper closure for a machine washing option. Currently it is suggested to hand-wash the mattress and lay flat, which I totally understand if you’re not near a washing machine, but with some of the spills we had, hand washing just didn’t get it clean. I ended up having to cut open the mattress cover, remove the foam padding and machine wash the cover..

The BedBox is priced at $200, but if you travel regularly with your kids, we definitely think it’s worth the investment. After all, I’m not sure you can put a price on a happy toddler… or his parents!