Arhaus Dream Closet

 Arhaus Dream Closet

Happy October! I love Arhaus so when I pictured designing my dream closet I knew they would be the perfect fit and I’m so excited to share it with you! Picture a giant walk in closet- I’m talking shelves for all your shoes, bags, and so much room for your clothes you need to go shopping {since we are dreaming right?!} I wanted a space that felt like an extension of my master bedroom rather than a “closet”. I started out by picking a giant chandelier that would set the tone for the room and an area rug to bring in my favorite color {blue}. This mirror was gorgeous and it’s large size makes it perfect for reflecting light and checking out whatever outfit I put together. I love the white color, but it also comes in a rustic gold. Every girl needs a place to sit in her closet {of course} and I wanted something that could seat a few friends. I went for a deep comfy couch and large ottoman from their Living Room collection that doubles as extra seating for when girlfriends come over! I loved the soft velvet and pop of pink that adds a feminine touch to the room. I accented with a faux fur throw in cream, some throw pillows to keep my blue and pink theme going, and some pillar candles in different sizes to make the room even more cozy. You can take a look at all the items I added on Arhaus or by clicking the links below. Enjoy!

1. Chandelier

2. Rug

3. Mirror

4. Sofa

5. Ottoman

6. Tray

7. Throw Pillows

8. Lumbar Pillow

9. Throw

10. End Table

11. Pillar Candles


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