Bath time!

 favorite shampoo that doubles as a body wash and makes some great bubbles {Henry loves them!}  Henry doesn’t have any sensitivities that we’ve found, but we always use gentle products that are easy on his skin and fragrance free including sensitive diapers and wipes. Honest Company has launched its new Fragrance Free Bath & Body Collection, which you can find at Babies R Us, and I’m so honored to partner with them to share our Honest bath time story and to encourage the use of safe, gentle products for all parents and babies! gentle products for all parents and babies!

We love baths not only because it makes Henry so happy, but because it’s quality family time without any distractions. We’ve committed to taking time out of our day to spend laughing, playing and splashing for however long we want and knowing our little guy is getting clean in a safe way makes it even better!

What’s your favorite time of day with your little one?!

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