favorites for lips


I was cleaning out my purse the other day and noticed I have a thing for pink lips! I’m not a makeup or color expert but pinks seem to work best for my skin tone {believe me I’ve tried so many!} and I’ve been using these same products for several years now so believe me when I say they work. Im also an every day kind of girl so lipsticks, lipliners things you have to shade… they don’t work for my lifestyle and sometimes crazy schedule. I wanted to share practical, department store and drug store brands that are easy to find and worth your money {even if they are only $5}. Enjoy!

First off, before I put anything on my lips I use this Stila lip plumper. It goes on smooth and makes them just a little fuller. Don’t ask me how they do it, but it works {or at least I feel like it does!} When I’m running errands or just at home I usually wear this tinted chapstick. I keeps my lips moisturized and lasts for a pretty long time. I also love the color and it brightens up my face even on my no make up days! I also love Neutrogena’s Color Stick. I wear Sweet Watermelon {which has a tiny shimmer} the most, but it comes in a ton of colors and in matte finishes too. Both Burt’s Bees and Neutrogena products are super easy to find and available at most drug stores. When I’m feeling a little fancy and headed to date night with my husband my go to lip products are NARS. Depending on what were doing, I’ll switch between their Lip Gloss and their Satin Lip Pencil. It’s the smoothest thing I’ve ever felt and the color goes on evenly and lasts a while before I need to reapply. If I want the Satin color {I use Lodhi} but not the finish, I’ll give my lips a once over with Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Pink Honey. The Almost Lipstick is another great everyday product since it’s not too bold and keeps your lips moisturized for a long while! The NARS’ Lip Gloss is use is Salamanca and is just a little more bright than their Lip Pencil. Red shades are just too harsh for me {even though I wish I could get away with them!!} so this color is a great alternative that still gives me the bold and bright look I want. 

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