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  J. Crew / Bottoms: AG Jeans

With so many of my friends expecting {seriously half of them are pregnant and the other half are trying} I thought this would be the perfect time to share my birth story, life with Henry and our favorite baby products! If you’re not into hearing about my story {totally understand!} you can scroll to check out more pictures of Henry and our favorite baby things.

About my look:

I’ve had my eye on this J. Crew top but it’s been sold out in my size since forever. I had the actual pajamas {with a similar top} so I made sure the shirt was extra pressed and wore it as a top pairing it with jeans and flats for a put together menswear look. I was a little nervous wearing it out but I had so many comments on it!

Labor & Delivery

I’m a pretty private person {weird I started a blog right?} so sharing my birth story wasn’t on my radar and I was pretty surprised when I started getting so many question about my experience. I thought my labor and delivery was normal for a first timer but after talking about it with family and friends over the holidays I quickly realized it wasn’t. I also realized there were other women who had the same experience I did and were also left with the “we’re never doing that again” feeling. I’ll spare you all the details, but after missing my due date I was finally induced at 41weeks {normal} and since I was only 1cm dilated and 70% effaced, I was started on a few different medications to jump start things. After 12 hours of cramping and contractions, I thought for sure we were about to meet our little man but my body had other plans. I hadn’t made any progress. After another 12 hours I was finally able to get an epidural but it would be another 12 hours before we would meet Henry. Are you counting? Thats 36 hours… including pushing for three hours plus having a third degree tear repaired after it all. To say we were ready to meet our man and be done with the process was an understatement. 

We spent two days in the hospital and couldn’t wait to get home. About an hour before Henry was born I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and while my blood pressure had returned to normal range in the hospital, I had to go back the following week for a “routine” blood pressure check. If you follow me on Instagram you might remember what happened next… My readings were way above normal and I was immediately readmitted for another two days. Oh and did I mention this was all happening while we had a house full of guests in town for Thanksgiving?! It had been the craziest week of my life!

While I didn’t love being pregnant, I trusted my body was doing what it needed to get ready for Henry, but when it came to D-day, my body didn’t know what to do. Everyone always told me how great pregnancy was and how labor and delivery isn’t “that bad” so when I had such an unusual and painful experience, I felt like other moms who’ve experienced the same thing needed to know they weren’t alone and that these things do happen. Labor and delivery is different for everyone, despite how many stories sound the same, and I honestly feel like nothing could have prepared me for my child birth story.

Sleep & Play: carter’s / Blanket: Aden + Anais

Henry & Our Favorite Baby Products

We love Henry so much and every painful, uncomfortable, excruciating moment was so worth it. However, it’ll still probably be a while before we welcome baby number two into our lives! We are absolutely loving being parents and while we loved Henry so much for 9 months, we had no idea we would love him even more after seeing and holding him. He’s the sweetest baby and every day is an adventure {even if we don’t leave the house}. We love seeing him discover new things, like fingers, toes and toys. He’s infatuating to watch and I’m always amazed at how quickly the days seem to go by. Henry loves his bottles {such a little chunker} just figured out how soft his blankies are and finds his fur brother, Louis, hilarious. We just can’t get enough of Henry!

While we’ve been figuring out what being a mom and dad entails, we discovered there are a few things that have made our new life easier. I’d love to hear if theres anything you’ve found that’s made your journey as a parent a little less crazy!

1. Munchkin Diaper Pail: This thing is the greatest! Each refill bag holds about 30 diapers and seals in the worst smelling blowouts so you’re not constantly having to take out the trash. 

2. Honest Company Wipes: Babies’ skin is so sensitive and I didn’t want to take any chances with fragrant wipes. Honest Company makes hypoallergenic, fragrance free wipes that are durable and get the job done. We keep them stashed everywhere around our house and even use them on ourselves!

3.Wipe Warmer: When your baby is warm and snuggly but needs a midnight diaper change, these come to the rescue. I’ve heard from other moms that this wasn’t a great thing for them {you have to make sure the padded inserts don’t dry out} but we have loved ours. Some moms feel like their kid should be able to deal with a cold wipe on their bottom for a few seconds, but this is not about the kids. This is about your sanity and sleep.

4. Pee-Pee Tee Pee: If you’re a mom of boys this ones for you. These things have saved our clothes, furniture, rugs, you name it. Plus the name cracks me up!

5. Light Switch Dimmer: This one isn’t such a specific product as it is a life hack. While I was pregnant I read a mommy blog that mentioned they switched out their normal light switch for a dimming one. GENIUS. It might be the single greatest thing we’ve done because it makes night feedings and diaper changes a breeze. Henry doesn’t fully wake up but we still have enough light to navigate his nursery.

6. Summer Infant Baby Monitor: Now that Henry is sleeping in his crib we need a monitor that could help us keep an eye on him. There are a ton to choose from, but this one works great for us. We call it our “eyes in the sky” since we have the cameras mounted in the corners of his nursery. The picture is clear, sound crisp, and the night vision works great! It also has a split screen if we want to see different angles. 

7. Pottery Barn Diaper Caddy: Since we have a two story house, running up and down the stairs every time we needed something for the baby became exhausting. This diaper caddy comes with me wherever I go and has saved me so many trips to the nursery. I have ours stocked with wipes, diapers, lotion, binkies, pee-pee tee pees and bibs. 

8. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: We love these for so many reasons. They’re the perfect weight making it easy to swaddle and the more we wash them the softer they get! Out of all the blankets we have, these are defiantly becoming Henry’s favorite.

9. Boon Products: We have a handful of Boon products so I couldn’t pick just one. From bottle cleaning to bath time and safety, Boon makes products that are mom minded and baby approved.

10. Fisher Price Rock n’ Play: This won the 2016 Mom’s Pick for best baby swing/bouncer and theres a reason. It’s light weight making it easy to move from room to room and folds up thin when you need to travel. We took ours to Florida over the Holidays and used it as Henry’s bed when we bounced from house to house visiting family. Henry loves to watch what we’re doing so this is the perfect seat for when I’m cooking dinner, getting ready or just need my two hands.

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