two year anniversary

I can’t believe it’s our two year anniversary already! I feel like the last few years have gone by so fast and I’ve been on the best adventure with my husband! So many people have told us marriage takes hard work, but I’d just call it work. Out of all the tough conversations, disagreements and lonely nights {when Erik was finishing Intern year} all the work has lead to such wonderful memories. I’m sharing just a few tips on what’s made our marriage the best thing ever and how we continue to grow one another even after our 15year relationship!

My first {and best} piece of advice it to communicate! You {or your husband} might not love talking about your feelings or dread having those hard conversations {you know, the ones about money, kids, etc.} but you’ll be so much better once you do. In our relationship I’ve always been about getting things out there {I mean my major was communications} my husband, on the other had, is much more reserved. So while it took him a while to open up or even engage in those difficult talks, we always felt so much better after we did. Like we were on the same team again and not just trying to work around one another. So, talk it out!

Laugh. There’s nothing better than having a big old belly laugh with your best friend. One of the most fun things about a marriage is that this person loves you no matter what {even when milk is coming out of your nose or you’re trying to figure out what whip/nae nae means. It’s a constant judge free zone and laughing with each other only makes things that much better!

Finally, put each other first. Your relationship is the most important thing once you get married and that means you both come first. This one might be the hardest to navigate because it involves saying “no”. Let me explain: There’s times {or will be times} when you both just can’t do it all or make everyone happy. This was a big one for us since we want to do it all, but once we realized how much happier we were doing what we could, it was amazing how the stress of pleasing others just lifted and how much more we enjoyed doing the things we could. While this isn’t something we battle on a daily basis, it’s something that we needed to master {especially around the holidays} We love our families, but lets be real, no one can enjoy the holidays when you feel like you have to be at every party or dinner or get-together. Plus, add all the friends you want to see and your own personal agenda when you’re only in town for a few short days and things can make you crazy. For the sanity of our relationship, and to enjoy that special time with our families, we’ve had to decline events and hand out some hard no’s when it comes to visiting home. It was difficult the first few times but it’s gotten a lot easier. We’re happier, and our family and friends have way more fun with us when were in good moods and totally devoting that carved out time to them!

I can’t wait to see what else we learn and how our marriage grows throughout our lifetime {especially with a baby on the way!} If you have questions about our wedding or the planning process I’d be happy to answer them- it feels like just yesterday we were celebrating! You can also check out our feature in Every Last Detail

Wedding Details:

Bride & Bridesmaid Robes: Etsy

Bridesmaid Gifts: Lilly Pulitzer {similar here  and here}

Shoes: Ferragamo

Monograms: Devon Alana Designs

Invitations: Crane & Co/ William Arthur

Signage & Save the Dates: Custom

Photographer: Hunter Ryan Photo

Wedding Planner: NK Productions

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