Oh Baby!

Instagram you saw our big news this weekend! We are so excited to be expecting and can’t wait to meet Baby A in November! I wanted a fun announcement, but also one I hadn’t seen on social media before, so I enlisted a friend and she helped me find this adorable idea on Pinterest! Im sharing how I made our jumbo letter balloons below!

Sketch out whatever phrase you want your balloons to say on the card stock paper. I freehanded ours, but if you want a more refined look, you can enlarge a typeface on your computer and print out the phrase to use. 

Cut out your letters!

Fold the “extra” rectangle section of the letters.

If you want your balloons to float on their own, make sure your local party store fills them up with helium before you leave. It’s an extra charge, but not expensive at all.

Once your letters are taped, ensure your fold is sharp {the sharper your fold, the easier they’ll stand} If you find your letters are flopping forward, you can add tape closer to the fold to help them perk up. Thats it! This super easy and inexpensive project is so fun and can be used for any type of event!

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