Giving Thanks

For this day of Thanksgiving I am forgoing my traditional post and sharing just a few very important things I am thankful for. While we can’t be with our families this year, we have reflected on what is most meaningful to us and how our lives have been blessed this past year {and every year}. I hope you enjoy this more personal post and take time in between turkey, stuffing and naps to give thanks for the people or things that have touched your life. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

I love my family! Everyone says that right? But seriously, we have seen each other at our worst, our best and just our plain old usual and we love each other more every day for it. I am so thankful for all my parents have done for my brother, Erik and I and the opportunities they have provided. They support us in everything we do {with parental questioning of course} and no matter where our lives take us, they are always close by. People often ask how we move around so much and say “isn’t it hard on your family” but its never been an issue. There are {of course} times when we miss each other more than usual, but I always know my family is just a phone call or airplane ride away!

photo credit: Hunter Ryan Photography

These girls are my bests! For real, we have life or death packs {but seriously}. Our group texts are infamous and we blow each others snapchat up on the regular. We tell it how it is, give unwanted advice, shop each others closets, throw sleep overs, laugh and cry with one another, celebrate life’s miracles and love each other every day! Theres just some people in your life who always stay with you and these are my people. They’re the Christina to my Meredith. 

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