{Piazza Navona and the Fountain of Four Rivers}

<img src="}

Ralph Lauren / Bottoms: Lululemon / Shoes: Adidas 

Her: Dress: J. Crew {similar} / Belt: J. Crew / Earrings: Mikimoto / Watch: MICHELE

Fresh off our trip to Italy and I’m already reliving it through our pictures! Rome was our first stop where we adjusted to the time change and spent two full days getting to know this beautiful city. We woke up super early {5am!} and were ready to go making it out of our hotel and to the Spanish Steps by 7:30am. We meet up with the rest of our family and hopped on our golf cart tour with My Best Tour.  We decided on this unique option because of the variety of people we had in our group. It’s perfect for all ages and ended up being the best part of our time in Rome. You’re able to get around the city quickly and see some amazing sights not accessible or viewable by foot or car. We enjoyed seeing the Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps and tons of other historical sights and churches around the city! You can see my look and more of the Spanish Steps here.

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