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Vera Bradley / Garment Bag: Vera Bradley / Carry-On: Louis Vuitton / Louis’ Bag: {similar}Lilly Pultzer

It’s been a month in D.C and we are headed back to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow! Living in a hotel has its benefits {who doesn’t like coming back to a clean room everyday?!} but I can’t wait to get home and sleep in my own bed! 

I’m sharing some of my traveling tips to help you pack for your next adventure and investing in good luggage and a garment bag is key {plus if you’re anything like me you always go home with more than what you brought!} I love Vera Bradley’s rolling luggage line. It doesn’t break the bank, is very well made and comes with a 5 year warranty just in case something does go wrong. 

When it comes to fitting all my clothes into one suitcase I pack flat. By folding my tops, bottoms and accessories flat, I’ve found I’m able to fit more and utilize other spaces in my suitcase {smaller gaps for workout clothes, hair products and costume jewelry} My luggage has amazing pockets, so my undergarments, shoes and clutches have their own place too!

If I have dresses, blazers and skirts that I’d like to keep from wrinkling at all, I’ll also pack a garment bag. They are great for keeping your clothes “wear ready” and usually have outside pockets you can utilize as well {like for shoes and more shoes}

A good carry-on makes your in-flight experience so much more enjoyable. The Keepall from Louis Vuitton is my favorite and holds all my essentials. I travel with a girly magazine, good book, laptop, pillow {yes, I bring my own everywhere!} and jewelry {never pack your good jewelry in your checked luggage} Finally, since we usually travel with our pooch he also gets his own “suitcase”. Lilly Pulitzer makes an amazing soft-sided insulated cooler that is collapsable. It holds Louis’ food, toys and treats plus it squishes in our luggage and has a strap and handle making it easy to carry. It’s also perfect for when we’re having dinner at friends and want to pitch in!

Enjoy these travel trips and start planning your next getaway!

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