Tea Time

Afternoon Tea: The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria B.C

There is truly nothing better than the experience of your first afternoon tea and my husband treated me to mine at the Empress Hotel while we vacationed last week. It was such a fun experience and the staff were so friendly in every aspect. We started with Blueberries topped with Empress cream then chose our tea selections. I went for the classic Fairmont Empress Earl Grey while Erik choose the Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling.

 Once tea is served an array of sandwiches and desserts arrive that will make anyone hungry. The Salmon Pinwheel and Rose Petal shortbread were by far our favorite! If you’re planning a trip to Victoria, add this to your must-do list. You won’t be disappointed and even receive a parting gift of classic Empress Blend tea, exclusive to the Fairmont. 


Smoked Salmon Pinwheel with Dill Cream Cheese

Roasted Honey Ham with Tarragon Dijonnaise

Free Range Egg Salad Croissant

Cucumber & Ginger Mascarpone on Butter Brioche

Moroccan Spiced Coronation Chicken on Marble Rye

Freshly Baked Rasin Scone with Strawberry Jam & Empress Cream

Duo of Jivara & Ivoire Chocolate Délice

Tropical Lamington

Raspberry Mascarpone Mousseline

Valrhona Pistachio Crémeux Tart

Rose Petal Shortbread

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